the project

Formule ETS is a student engineering team from École de technologie supérieure, in Montréal. The team has been designing, manufacturing and racing Formula SAE race cars for slightly more than 30 years with one common goal since then :


The cars that come out of the ETS' workshop reflect our  design philosophy. Therefore, we are in an endless pursuit of designing the lightest car year after year.

The latest car weighs 324 pounds and features a custom 450cc engine. The APEX sits on four 10-inch Hoosier tires mounted on custom double moulded carbon fibre wheels. The decoupled suspension setup integrates the anti-roll system on the custom through-rod damper which considerably reduces the weight of the entire suspension system. The front dynamic package is located underneath the car by using pull rods in order to lower the height of the center of gravity of the vehicle. 

An innovative upright and spindle system led to a complete brake system redesign. The car is now equipped with two custom 7075-T7351 aluminium front calipers machined on a 5-axis CNC milling machine. This year we designed and machined a 4 pistons brake caliper for the rear brake which is mounted on the differential support.

The chassis has been designed around the most important piece of the car; the driver. This results in superior ergonomics and increases the driver's confidence. To further complement the ease of driving, a fully adjustable locking dovetail mechanism for the pedal box ensures a comfortable driving position for any driver no matter their size.  

A new construction method significantly increased the rigidity and durability of the aerodynamic package while still featuring a double-action DRS ("Drag Reduction System") for the rear wing.


  • Carbon fibre monocoque designed around the driver.
  • Honeycomb core structure optimized for driver safety, chassis rigidity and low mass.
  • Precise and efficient manufacturing method.


  • In-house designed and manufactured third generation custom engine block.
  • Balancer shaft with tungsten counterweight.
  • Titanium and stainless steel exhaust system.


  • Custom springs mounted on the decoupled roll dampers.
  • Dual pistons inverted custom front calipers.
  • Front pull rods and rear push rods system.


  • ETS Designed:
    • Power Management Unit ("PMU")
    • Improved and revised A2C modules ("Analog to CAN bus")
    • Complete strain gauges and amplifier package
  • Real time wireless telemetry.
  • Full CAD of harness and components .


  • Welded titanium driveshafts with 5-axis machined tripod inserts.
  • Inboard caliper mounted on the differential support.
  • Reversed upright and spindle system with spokeless carbon fibre wheels.


  • Ultralightweight construction.
  • Optimized cooling system with electric water-pump.
  • Double-action DRS.